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February 2, 2023

Jobs: How do you cope with pressure at work?

  Compiled by myLIFE team August 14, 2022 16

You have to submit a report within 48 hours and are running late, what do you do?

While on vacation you remember that an important project is waiting for you in the office, what do you do?

A client brings up an issue with one of your projects at 5.45 pm, what do you do?

Your participation in this top-level meeting will either make or break your career, what do you do?

Your boss asks you to bring them up to speed on an issue, what do you do?

Your manager asks you to go and see them at 3 pm in their office, what do you do?

HR have signed you up for an IT training programme, what do you do?

You’re competing against a colleague for a promotion, what do you do?

Your computer breaks down in the middle of a presentation, what do you do?

Your assessment is due tomorrow morning, what do you do in the meantime?

If pressure was an object, what would it be?

Jobs: How do you cope with pressure at work?

You’re addicted: pressure is your drug!

You know that pressure is inevitable and have decided to use it as motivation rather than as a drag. This is quite a wise approach, and one that many of your colleagues consider a strength. However, be wary of deliberately creating pressure. It’s always worth anticipating things and planning a little in advance, and it helps avoid some of the frustration that comes from improvising when faced with tricky situations. In any event, remaining efficient under pressure is an important quality, in particular if you want to establish yourself as a leader. Find out what makes a good leader.

You’re a victim: it can’t go on like this!

Pressure is all too often a presence in your working life, bearing down on your shoulders. You don’t manage it, you are victim to it and it paralyses you. And you see it everywhere, even when it isn’t there. It’s an issue that is a constant burden on your work and stops you from progressing. Don’t panic, there is certainly a solution! Why not seek the help of a specialist, or a manager in your company’s HR department? In any event, take care of yourself and make sure you don’t fall prey to burnout.

You’re immune: pressure, what pressure?

You’re a Tibetan monk, a model of serenity at work! Pressure doesn’t get to you. You even claim not to notice it. This is a real strength, provided that you are honest in dealing with the situation and are not burying your head in the sand. Sometimes it’s better to admit that there is pressure rather than denying it. That doesn’t make you its victim! Be careful, acting as if there is no problem may leave you open to accusations of indifference in some situations that clearly are tense. Stress can sometimes act as a positive catalyst for moving forward together. Find out more about how to best weather the storm.

You’re stressed: you always have a fallback plan!

Your response to pressure is to (over)anticipate potential problems. This method has proven effective and usually allows you to deal efficiently with pressure and any unforeseen circumstances. But be careful that you don’t become a source of pressure for your colleagues with your desire to always try and anticipate problems. If you make excessive demands and automatically try to anticipate every eventuality, you become a continuous source of the very thing you are trying to avoid: pressure! Accept that the unexpected may happen sometimes. And in the meantime, try and improve your well-being at work.