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March 20, 2023

myLIFE – Award: myLIFE named Best Marcom Project of the Year 2017

myLIFE has been presented with the award for Best Marcom Project of the Year 2017

Launched in August 2017 by Banque internationale à Luxembourg (BIL), myLIFE is a multimedia content platform dedicated to your finances and goals. On 28 November 2017, myLIFE was named Best Marcom Project of the Year at the 2017 Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards. So, what better time than now to find out more about myLIFE and see how it can help you?

Make your life easier with myLIFE!

The idea behind the project was born from BIL’s motto, “Together for you”, and the bank’s quest to honour this promise to an even fuller extent. With this in mind, myLIFE aims to be the go-to blog to help you manage your finances and inspire you to realise your goals in Luxembourg.
The platform is no place for marketing babble; just useful, topical information that focuses exclusively on your needs, with articles, expert interviews, infographics, videos and more.
It is thanks to this innovative approach centred on the client perspective that we have received the award for Best Marcom Project of the Year at the Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards.

Get the answers you need through easy-to-navigate topics

myLIFE is broken down into five sections, each of which focuses on a specific topic.

  • me&myFAMILY, that’s all that matters! This section is dedicated entirely to your financial and budgetary questions. me&myFAMILY offers a wealth of information on a whole range of topics of interest, from household budgets and taxes to projects and milestones in your life.
  • Lay the foundations for your real estate projects with myHOME. This is where you will find the answers to all your real estate questions. Whether you are buying, renting, making a rental investment or looking for help or information, myHOME has advice for any situation.
  • myINVEST, information you can rely on. This section covers everything you need to know about savings and investment. Whether you’re looking for tips for beginners, expert advice or macroeconomic analyses, the information in myINVEST is a sound investment guaranteed to pay dividends!
  • Manage your wealth with myWEALTH. This section deals with everything related to your assets. Whether you need advice on investments, life insurance or retirement, or on planning, managing and transferring your estate, we’ve got it covered! Make the most of myLIFE expertise with myWEALTH.
  • Boost your growth with myCOMPANY. This section informs, guides and inspires entrepreneurs in the creation, management and transfer of their business or private assets in Luxembourg. Shift your growth up a gear!

A dynamic team at your service

The team behind myLIFE works tirelessly to create and publish interesting and relevant content for you. They also consult with many internal and external experts in specialised fields to ensure that the information you are getting is as correct and up to date as possible.
If there are any topics you would like to see covered on myLIFE, or if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please send an email to

See you soon.

Julien and Michaël, the driving force behind myLIFE