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June 18, 2024

Financing your studies with the AideFi

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It’s not easy taking up university studies without some semblance of financial security. Fortunately, the government financial support called AideFi is there for you. Find out how this support works, and how much you could be granted.

Do you live in Luxembourg or are your parents cross-border workers? Are you about to begin university studies? The Luxembourg government offers you financial support in the form of multiple grants and an attractive student loan. This financial assistance forms what was commonly known as a CEDIES loan, but whose official name is now AideFi. If you meet the allocation criteria listed on, you will be granted financial assistance per academic semester.

Amount of financial support and conditions

Are you eligible? Submit your application online at MyGuichet  from 1 August to 30 November for the winter semester and 1 January to 30 April for the summer semester. You will receive written confirmation from the Service Aides financières du ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche stating the amounts of the various allowances for which you qualify. The attached table summarises the assistance available and who is eligible.

AssistanceAmount/academic semesterEligibility
Basic grantEUR 1,199Automatic for any student who qualifies for support
Mobility grantEUR 1,491For students studying outside their country of residence and paying rent
Means-tested grantEUR 0 to EUR 2,321Depends on the total annual taxable income of the student’s household
Family grantEUR 287Awarded to a student whose household includes other students who are already receiving financial aid
Registration feesEUR 0 to EUR 3,80050% in the form of a grant, 50% in the form of a student loan (if applied for)
Student loansEUR 3,250Optional. Awarded automatically on request at a maximum interest rate of 2%. State-guaranteed loan taken out with an approved bank. Repayment over a maximum of 10 years, beginning 2 years after completion or termination of studies.

Note that any income received by the student may affect the amount of financial assistance, and may possibly determine whether it will be granted. To find out more about AideFi or to calculate precisely which assistance you may claim, go to In addition, don’t forget to contact your bank! It likely offers packages for students combining government support with preferential terms and specific extras.

Useful tip

This AideFi assistance can be combined with grants for international mobility programmes (e.g. Erasmus+) or awarded on the basis of student merit. However, it cannot be combined with equivalent student aid or financial benefits available in the student’s country of residence.