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March 23, 2023

Professor Nabil’s advice Lesson no.3: What are bankers good for?

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Hi everyone! This lesson is about a major philosophical conundrum: bankers – what are they good for? Did I hear someone at the back say “nothing”? Well, you’re wrong. Believe me! In fact, if you have been paying attention in my classes so far, the answer will be clear: your banker is your key financial contact in every phase of life. When you’re buying a car, starting a career, becoming a home owner or parent, in the market for a savings plan or just looking to finance your next holiday, a banker is a trusted partner that can help you in a variety of situations. Now let’s take a look at some of them, to help you gain a better understanding of how bankers can help you on a daily basis.

Keeping your money safe, but accessible

This is the most basic and frequently overlooked aspect of a banker’s role, but it is vital. Your banker keeps your money safe and ensures that you can access it using appropriate withdrawal and payment methods. This includes cash, of course, but also online payment systems or bank cards. As a result, your banker is indirectly responsible for the financial transactions between your bank account and those of your payees, including for online purchases.

Your day-to-day finances

First and foremost, a banker is there to help you with any issues relating to managing your finances. Another name for a banker is “financial adviser”, after all. Of course, withdrawals, payments, transfers and all simple transactions can now be conducted using ATMs and your online banking app. However, if you have questions about managing your money or making it grow, or because someone has been singing the praises of a particular financial product, then there’s no cause for delay! Your banker has the answers. As an expert, they can help you to ask the right questions and direct you to the products and services best suited to your circumstances. They can also help you avoid high-risk investments, and make you aware of any risks connected with the ones you already have. They are there to help you make the most of your capital, and in particular, to prevent you from jeopardising it through unsuitable choices.

Borrowing money

This is often the first thing that comes to mind when the question of a banker’s role is raised. You need money, they give it to you, and you pay it back with interest. It’s not magic, but it’s still incredibly useful. Without mortgage loans, how many of us would never have been able to become homeowners? And even though rates have tended to rise since the summer of 2022, it’s still a rather appealing prospect.

Your banker is there not to crush your dreams, but to keep your dreams from crushing you.

You may think bankers only lend to the wealthy. Not true! Before granting you a loan, your adviser will finds out about your financial situation and, based on market knowledge and experience, will calculate the amount that you can borrow. The aim is simple: to do as much as possible to help you achieve your goal while ensuring that your loan doesn’t exceed what you can reasonably repay. Your banker is there not to crush your dreams, but to keep your dreams from crushing you. They can direct you towards the most suitable loan solutions for your circumstances, regardless of whether you’re looking to buy a house, car or something else.

Making your money grow

Your banker is also in the best position to help you grow your financial resources.

In fact, in the maze of financial products and more or less exotic investment options, their guidance is vital to anyone who isn’t an expert (like you who are just starting my classes). Based on their market knowledge and your financial profile, and taking your wishes into account, your adviser can answer questions like “Should I invest in the stock market or real estate?” , “Which pension plan should I choose?”  or even “How can I invest without spending a fortune?. Of course, myLIFE has already given you some answers to these.

Helping to prepare for the future

When it comes to saving for your children’s tuition, preparing for retirement or setting up an inheritance, your banker is the right person for the job. They look at the various options available to you and help you with a pension scheme and effective estate planning to pass your wealth on to your children.

Acting on your behalf

Because you are not a trader, even if you do keep a close eye on your investments, your banker can take over this task for financial markets. If you wish, you can entrust them with the management of some or all of your investments. This is called discretionary management.

This highlights the appeal of multi-business banks that can meet all your needs based on a holistic view of your circumstances.

That may seem like too many different jobs for one person! Fortunately for bankers, the tasks listed here are not all performed by the same bank staff. Some experts are dedicated to investments while others conduct day-to-day banking. Most importantly, some focus exclusively on business clients whereas others deal only with retail clients. You won’t see the same person when picking up foreign currency at the counter as when you’re getting information on the best Asian index funds. This highlights the appeal of multi-business banks that can meet all your needs based on a holistic view of your circumstances. But I’m not here to do a commercial, so I won’t tell you where to go!

Alright, class dismissed. See you soon – and don’t forget to study!