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March 3, 2024

Why study abroad?

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Have you ever considered going abroad to study? Embarking on a new adventure and discovering the world? Finally quenching your thirst to learn about other cultures and becoming an international student?

Studying abroad is an exciting an interesting experience, for both personal and professional reasons. Whether you follow your heart or your head, a stay abroad is now a real asset to put on your CV. Here are three good reasons for studying abroad.

Learn a new language

Language immersion seems to be the most obvious and most common reason. To master a language, you have to practise it! What better than to live in the country itself to hear and speak this language? Most sources agree that a year in the country is enough to achieve a decent level in the language chosen, provided that you practise it regularly. Going away for a full year therefore seems to be a very good decision if your motivation is above all language-related.

Discover a culture, broaden your mind

The desire to discover a new culture or broaden horizons is an equally important reason behind many international students’ decision. And rightly so, as globalisation may bring communities closer, but each culture retains its quirks and originality. There’s a world of difference between the United States, Japan and Russia. So it may be interesting to see other ways of life and other conditions. This will help you to be more open-minded and give you a more critical approach to ways of thinking in your own home country.

 Demonstrate your motivation and experience

It’s obvious! Going abroad suggests a good level of education, an ability to commit, and a degree of autonomy. This is because foreign universities are selective and look at the motivation shown. Once there, you will have to learn to cope on your own – another quality that will come in use later on.

(…) see this experience as a way of standing out from the crowd of students entering the labour market each year

So you’re not the new Einstein (yet). Don’t panic. Average applicants have a chance too. Every little helps; start with self-belief!

However, you should see this experience as a way of standing out from the crowd of students entering the labour market each year. When the time comes, your international experience could make the difference!

Questions to ask yourself before you begin

Before starting your research and preparation, it is essential that you draw up a plan and check whether this period of study will be recognised and appreciated when you return. As well as how, when and how much, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you expect to gain from this experience?
  • What are your preferred destinations and universities?
  • Would you rather prepare for a foreign degree or have a study period recognised?
  • What level of education do you expect to have when you leave?
  • What is the plan for when you return? Will you continue studying or start working?